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Frenship Middle School

I Want to See the School Counselor- What do I do?

Students wanting to visit the counseling office during the school day, may do so in one of two ways. I have provided a QR code taped to the wall in every classroom this year. For students with a smart device, they may scan the QR code and fill out a Microsoft 365 form to schedule an appointment.  I will then call the student down depending on the priority of the situation. For students without a phone or smart device, they may ask their teacher for a counseling pass and head to the Main Office.  When they get to the main office, if I am available, Mrs. Rutherford will let me know that I have a student waiting. I will get in contact with the student as soon as possible and depending on the level of need and urgency. If a student needs to see me in an emergency situation  (self-harm, suicidal ideation, experiencing child abuse or knows of any of this going on with another student), I will be contacted immediately.