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Frenship Middle School

Frenship Middle School Holds Student Council Elections with Voting Booths

On March 7 and 8, Frenship Middle School 6th and 7th graders visited the library to vote for their new student council leadership team for the upcoming school year. In the leading weeks, candidates made a poster advertising their candidacy to be posted in the hall. The day before the election, the candidates gave a speech on why they would be a good leadership choice. 

On election day, students arrived at their polling place, the FMS Library, where the Lubbock County Election Office set up an authentic voter experience. The 6th and 7th graders got to go through the whole voting process, just two days after millions of Americans voted in the U.S. Presidential Primary Election.  

The students had to verify their identity by signing in before they received a code which they then entered into the voting machine. After choosing their candidates, the machine printed out their ballot which they took to be scanned and cast their vote. Each student received an official “I voted” sticker to round out the American voting experience. 

“The process mimicked the actual voting process Americans go through at the polls,” said Tinese Ammons, FMS Media Specialist and Student Council Advisor. “It was the first time many of the students got to see the process their parents go through when voting and it gave their social studies teachers the opportunity to talk about the election process with their students.” 

This was the first time FMS utilized the voting machines for Student Council elections. Ammons stated that the county election people that ran the booths were very helpful. They answered questions and even demonstrated the various ways they can adjust for handicapped persons to be able to vote. 

The results from the 2024-2025 Student Council Leadership Election are below:  

  • Serenity Apuan 
  • Kareda Curnutt 
  • Mattilynn House 
  • Selena Rodriguez 
  • Zadyn Ruff, 
  • Fisher White