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Frenship Middle School

Serving with a Smile: Frenship Students Help Community Members in Need

Any family, regardless of their situation, could pick up the free food donated by Save the Children and the USDA’s Farmers to Families program.

“We’ve enjoyed our time out here,” smiled Frenship High School football guard Kolani Sapa. “I’m glad we’re doing this, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

When Sapa was told about the last-minute volunteer opportunity, he and dozens of FHS football players and members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board jumped on the chance to serve their community.

“It was a short turnaround. We were notified on Tuesday of the shipment of free food boxes,” said Boys and Girls Club of Lubbock Executive Director Tom Vermillion. “We visited with Frenship, and it was a tremendous effort on their part because we could not have done this without their help.”

As hundreds of vehicles began lining up around the J.T. & Margaret Talkington Boys & Girls Club, the 70+ Frenship students went to work creating assembly lines to unload the boxes from the delivery truck. The students gave a friendly smile, a wave, and a warm hello to every family who received a box.

“It’s amazing. It’s good to see people come through the lines and see them smile and be happy,” said Frenship sophomore David Winger who serves on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board. “To make that impact is a beautiful thing.”

On Saturday, the Frenship Way and SERVE model – Smile, Engage, Respect, Volunteer, and Encourage – was on full display. It wasn’t forced. It wasn’t prompted. It was just something that came naturally to the Frenship students as they saw an opportunity to help their neighbors.

“I think those things are crucial, especially in an environment like this,” said Winger. “To just serve with a smile and have that positivity is impactful.”